Impactful advertising with a purpose

Goodeed funds charity projects by transforming brands' media budgets. With our solution, more than 7 million euros have already been given back to charities.

Funded project : Providing 170 bicycles to children in Cambodia to allow them to go to school!

A Solidarity Business Model

Goodeed, a Solidarity Business Model

A Solidarity Business Model

We are convinced that advertising has to play its part in the ecological and social transition. Our business model is an easy way for brands to commit and to positively engage their audiences.

Each advertising campaign
= 60% donation to a charitable project.

500 +

projects funded thanks
to advertising

+ 7M

collected for charities

Get the Goodeed format
to commit your brand

Discover our unique and powerful video format to engage your target audience while improving your brand recognition and affinity.

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Are you a brand, a media agency or a publisher ?

300+ Partner brands and agencies

Join brands that are already committed to making advertising more responsible and participating in the social and ecological transition.

50+ charitable programs to support

Activate Goodeed to support a charitable project in line with your brand's values.

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We're proud to be
B Corp certified

Goodeed is an impact-driven company led by a team committed to make advertising more responsible and positive.

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We're a team of 25 people dedicated to assisting you in making your media budgets more socially responsible while supporting our partner charities.